Zarvind -- Character Sheet
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Character Questionnaire

What /is/ Zarvind like, you say?

I always thought of him as the stereotypical male chavinist. MCP? Maybe. He's got brains, though not much, and is more inclined to boast about his accomplishments than to actually do something about it. Over the turns, he has learned the art of gratifying others through appearing hardworking, and just keeps employing these tactics.

He irritates sometimes, with that veneer of sheer lethargy he puts on even when he isn't really tired. I suppose that's when happened with 'Fal' the beastcrafter (workbeasts, indeed!). It wouldn't be surprising for someone to want him out of their sight immediately. ("Now, do you hear!") I am aiming for some level of sensitivity here-- he is still 14 plus turns at present and is learning about the world as yet. He always wanted to be a smith, a woodworker, that kind of craft, but they've been elusive and he isn't much of a chaser.

No, Zarvind would rather laze around in the sun all day than actually /work/. He's the boy who scampers around the playground, is active in the games, then promptly disappears at the chimes of the dinner bell. Most things are transcient in his life: Family, that Craft he never had ... Fortunately he hasn't developed much of an interest in girls -- yet.

He's like Lenny in the Pinter's "Homecoming", using the big words to exaggerate the life he's living, and all the inconsequential things; people in it. He can evoke trust in himself and others, can be street-wise, work well in a group -- pretty flexible a character actually. Zarvind is more amoral than he is immoral. He is not a bad character in the sense of the word, i.e. evil--he just prefers to work towards his own means. He has idols, lots of 'em (currently undeveloped), and tries his best to mimic their every gesture, their every word.

This trip to the Isle gets him depressed now and then ("How can Life be so boring?") but he will get over it eventually once he finds some worthwhile occupation. At the moment, he wants to shirk work and find some fun, little else--of course, a quiet day lazing by the beach would be good too. Although he doesn't know it yet, he has /some/ qualities of a trader: the instinctive sense to haggle in which his lazy stubbornness actually helps, and his total immersion into flattery whether its successful or not. In time, he will be a womanizer, a Lenny-type, surely, but now...its Ista or nothing.

Mind you, he has his own personality too. Its him that's speaking up in the midst of situations, giving acute observations even when its not his place to do so.

A recent discovery, a new question: is Zar introspective or sensing?

And here's the story:

Zarvind grew up in Igen Hold, and has been immersed in travelling since he came of age, going a few times to and fro the land. On his last hiatus to the south he met up with a beastcrafter, and took up what he deemed his life's work as stablehand. Animals weren't his forte, but he liked the relaxed banter, the atmosphere. That was until a bad experience (something about a runner) sent him scuttling back home, only to get tied up with family and clan friends. He joined their trading expedition -- a one-way boat trip to Ista Hold -- their party bustled to meet the hordes of buyers. The storm was unexpected, and he knew few in the temporary shelter they housed the rescued in, but he's worked up from there, and there were always his cousins to turn to.

He didn't plan to come to Ista, not really, but the shipwreck marooned him and a couple of friends here for a while. Then the all-too-trustworthy pair decided to run away from the Weyr and the lazy Zar; right after he had colluded with them in the plan to evade the trader ship and remain in the Istan Isle for good. He stayed on sullenly; but there was yet another twist of fate. One more bet out of the thousands he had made before sent him into the candidate barracks with a new knot and a new title. Then, from an egg he thought he liked but never voiced a word about, came Kealath. Kealath. His Kea proceeds to overturn Z'vind's life. Life never ends.

May I guess Zar's character type?

So far, the answer is No.


Stubby, short but stubbornly black hair sprouts scalp-close from generally clean-shaven features, boyishly tanned with a frail line of stubble to demarcate chin from cheek. His face is highly angular, jaw etched with sly lines of woe or laughter. Grey eyes and clipped chin straggle casually together with the rest of this youth's sturdy, slightly lanky form, long legs claiming a wide stride as an obscure slur marks alto voice.
Pragmatic brown clads Zar, wrapping over torso to meet pants of a lighter shade. Grime greases his boots, clapped tight for utility, on wherhide singed a dark cinnamon.
He looks to be about 14 Turns, 0 months, 2 days old.

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